Funeral Service

FCNA ruling on Prayers and Funeral issues pertaining 

Please refer to the FCNA ruling on Prayer issues pertaining to COVID-19 pandemic. ISGVF follows FCNA rulings on religious issues and also have the approval of our Imam.

Funeral issues pertaining to COVID

Khadija Alderman Funeral Home provides Burial Services to ISGVF community according to pre-arranged agreement. It is located at, 1924 W. Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia. Phone number 215-225-6600.

Following Information are required,

Decedent Information

Name:                           Date of Birth:                                  Address:                                        Nationality:

Marital Status:            Gender:                                            Spouse Name:                              Occupations: Education:

Mother Name (Not Known) write ‘Unknown’                  Father Name (Not Known) write ‘Unknown’