Quran Competition: Open to ALL – Separate for Boys and Girls.
Date: December 29, 2018 Saturday at 10:00 am

Program Details:
• Syllabus by age group (Read Groups Details)
• Online Registration deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2018. After deadline, reach via email peaceacademy@isgvf.com for registration. The maximum number of contestants per category will be 20. Registration will be closed once we reach our limit.
• If you have any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to the organizers at peaceacademy@isgvf.com or contact Fakrudeen # 610 202 2531
Location: Islamic Society of Greater Valley Forge. 958 N Valley Forge Rd, Devon, PA 19333 Groups Details:

Group 1: Born in Years 2010 – 2013 – Surah 100 (Al’-Adiyat) to Surah 114 (An-Nas) List of Surah: Al-‘Adiyat, Al-Qari’ah, At-Takathur, Al-‘Asr, Al-Humazah, Al-Fil, Al-Quraish, Al-Ma’un, Al-Kauthar, Al-Kafirun, An-Nasr, Al-Lahab, Al-Ikhlas , Al-Falaq, An-Nas

Group 2: Born in Years 2006 – 2009 years: Surah 78 (An-Naba’) to Surah 99 (Al-Zilzalah) List of Surah: An-Naba’ , An-Nazi’at, ‘Abasa, At-Takwir, Al-Infitar, At-Tatfif, Al-Inshiqaq, Al-Buruj At-Tariq, Al-A’la, Al-Ghashiyah, Al-Fajr, Al-Balad, Ash-Shams, Al-Lail, Ad-Duha, Al-Inshirah, At-Tin, Al-‘Alaq, Al-Qadr, Al-Bayyinah, Al-Zilzalah

Group 3: Born in Years 2002 -2005: Juz 29 Group 4: Born in Years 1997 – 2001: Juz 27-Juz 28

Contestants will be tested as follows:
Memorization, Tajweed, Points of vocal Articulation and its attributes, Vowel and Non-vowel marks.
Group 1: Contestants will pick a slip from first box which will contain the Surah name. Contestant will have to recite complete surah. Followed by second slip from 2nd box.
Group 2, 3, 4: Contestants will pick a slip from first box which will contain the Surah name. Judge will read an Ayah from the picked surah and contestant should continue until Judge ask to stop. Followed by second slip from 2nd box.

Prize Details:
There will be 2 winning positions for each group. 1st & 2nd prizes, will receive cash prize and a trophy. All contestant will receive participation medal. Winners of the Quran Competition will recite (not mandatory) during award ceremony.

Right to dismiss:
ISGVF organizers reserve the right to dismiss, cancel and/or disqualify any contestant without liability at any time, with immediate effect; this includes, but is not limited to, any participant who tampers with the operation of the competition or competition site or violates the terms and conditions, or any other applicable laws and regulations.

Q. My son is under 8 years age can he participate?
A. Younger participants can choose to participate in their age group or older age group, however older participants cannot compete in the younger age group.

Q. My daughter is 16 years and do not like to recite on the stage, is there any alternate? A. We have organized a separate room only for sisters, girls 12 and older, will be tested by our Sister Judges.

Q. My daughter has not memorized the entire syllabus, can she still participate?
A. We encourage children to put their best effort to memorize Quran, we do not ask if they completed their syllabus or not.

Q. How the test will be conducted?
A. Contestant will be given a 1st basket to pick a random card, and hand over to the judge. Judge then will recite the Ayah mentioned on the card and contestant will continue to recite for about 7 Ayah or judge will decide when to stop. Followed by 2nd basket.

Q. Can the parent be inside the room while children are reciting?
A. Yes. All parent of the contestant group can be inside the room, without making noise.

Q. We live in New York, can my son participant?
A. We welcome all participants.

Q. Will there be Lunch provided?
A. Lunch can be purchased within the facility.

Online Pre-Registration:
Closes Dec 25, 2018

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